Alastair Appleton sax soprano, that is. For his abilities and looks he can easily be confused for a professional jazz player. He strives to live up to expectations even with better than TV.
Ben Comeau piano (4,5,6,7) Ben Comeau is a pianist, organist and composer currently studying jazz at Guidhall School of Music and Drama. Since graduating top of his year from Cambridge University he has had composition commissions from the Britten Sinfonia, St. John's College Choir Cambridge, Choir and Organ magazine and the Kings Lynn Festival. He is busy as a recitalist across the UK and France, and teaches practical musicianship at Cambridge University and Middlesex University. Aged 18 he won the Northern Ireland International Organ Competition.
Cassie Gorman voice From Cavalieri's Rappresentatione di Anima, e di Corpo to BTTV's Before I GO she always enjoys singing, and we listening to her. Good Italian too!
Daniel Duffy guitar I play acoustic guitar as part of the band's rhythm section. I've been playing with BTTV for over a year now, and it's only getting more exciting as a project! I also play with Downing College Jazz Band, with a small pop/funk group called Dark Sass, as well as playing some instrumental solo guitar music.
Gabriel Bliard trumpet Rower, musician, studies physics, encroyable!
Joe Davighi drums Really nice guy, can keep any time signature, and then smile.
Louis Day trumpet (4,6,7) We have him back after a year in India! Working on getting back his lips as well.
Luke Congdon piano Eloquent on the keyboard, even without a score, he can always play. Is that an haiku?
Rowan Haslam voice (1,8) and cello Glasgow-born Rowan is a jazz singer and bass guitarist. She was a member of the National Youth Jazz Orchestra of Scotland, and later performed with her ex-tutor Liane Carroll at the 2015 Glasgow Jazz Festival. Rowan recently graduated with a degree in Psychology from Cambridge University and is now working in Cambridge. A keen classical singer too!
Sergio Contrino bass Ageing member of the band. Likes to write music, so he is very grateful to the betters for making it sound nice beyond his wildest dreams. He has been further encouraged to keep trying composing by his SoundHub association. He loves JSB and rather heavy bass grooves.
Simon Fothergill trombone Simon enjoys adding to classical, folk and jazz music on the piano, trombone, recorder and didgeridoo. He is lucky enough to play with many people in and around Cambridgeshire, including the Cambridge Graduate Orchestra, Better Than TV, Harmony in Harlem, The Alley Cats, Linton Jazz Orchestra and Malcom Talbot's Big Brass community jazz big band.
John Ward Mixer supremo A real pro working with BTTV (because he likes us!). We are eternally grateful.
Jes Kerr Sound Master Can deal easily with any musician, even large groups of them, and brings calm to the most hectic studio. BTTV was no prob for him. And he is an entrepreneur!
Jørn Emborg Art Work Fun and music lover, can make a shopping list look stylish. Plays sax as well!. We love him.
Nell Reid Cover Photo I am an old soul who looks for the magic in the everyday. My favorite things are my family, cheese, foot rubs, new experiences, walks in the woods, capturing beauty with my camera and sharing it and playing games (board, card, video, word… you name it). When I'm not taking pictures, I'm raising two impossibly cute boys and supporting my husband in all his creative endeavors. We live in Maplewood, NJ.
Photos credits: Hannah King, Josh Heimbach, Domininkas Zalys, Nell, Alastair, Sergio.