Released on Spotify in May 2018

11 original songs by Sergio Contrino.

Lyrics of Standing with Sally written with Ellie Warr.

Latin Song text by Ovid (Tristia, 1.3).

Recorded by John Ward and Jes Kerr at Anglia Ruskin University, Cambridge.

Mixdown Engineer: John Ward.

Mastered at Metropolis Studios, London, by Andy 'Hippie' Baldwin.

Produced by John Ward and Sergio Contrino.

Art work by Jørn Emborg, photo by Nell Reid (nell on earth).


  1. Before I Go
  2. Gerico
  3. Standing with Sally (vocal version)
  4. Da Lontano
  5. Latin Song
  6. Norway
  7. Für Louis
  8. Hey Joe
  9. Samba per mi (vocal version)
  10. Bus Stop Blu (fermata a richiesta)
  11. L'attesa e' lunga

We have released in March 2015 our first CD, with 9 of our original compositions.

Listen on Spotify, buy the digital release or the CD.

In Cambridge, CDs are also available at Heffers Sound

We are very grateful to Rebecca Lepkoff, for allowing us to use her wonderful photo for our cover and to the Churchill College Music Society, for the use of the facilities at the Music Centre.

Thanks to all who helped and encouraged us, in particular Katherine Morris, Nadia Blagorodnova, Ed Fraser;
Matt, Jonny and Clare Jazz; Tom, Branden and Jazz@John's.
And to Josh for his patient work on the artwork!

David Burgoyne piano
Ed Blake drums
Gavin Spence trumpet/flugelhorn
Sergio Contrino bass
Tom Green trombone

All tracks written by Sergio Contrino

Recorded by
Tom Howe [tracks 1-5] and
Andy Cross [tracks 6-9].

Mixdown Engineer: John Ward

Mastered at Metropolis Studios, London, by Andy 'Hippy' Baldwin

Produced by John Ward and Sergio Contrino

Artwork: Zoe Klinck

  1. 1000 and one
  2. Standing with Sally
  3. Elliulogy
  4. Morse
  5. pm
  6. FEAB
  7. Samba per mi
  8. Se volete
  9. Late