sergio contrino
And now I see
and now I feel
and now I fear the day

before I go
before I age
before my leap of faith

Sento una musica
without expression
I hear the crashing waves
dolce rimedio

ricordo te
rivedo te
risento l’attenzione

in fondo sai
ingenuo sei
incontra il tuo destino

will you describe your pain
with neat handwriting
what are the signs of love
we asked uncertain

The things i long
as long you are
just when she said goodbye

We feel the same
You must admit
They all know it’s the case

we are now gone
you won’t desist
they will just close a case

what can the observer do
senza speranza
come dimenticar
the end is here
sergio contrino
          I hope to see you soon / you told me
Rapid and unseen / you left me
What a messy start  you told me so

Memories will hurt / i’ll call you
I’ll probably just fail / to notice
Whatever joe you think i should enjoy

I thought you’ll never sleep / oh really
You’ll never send a note / handwritten I bet you (why should i)
She thought of you herself before I did

I thought i loved you
Now i don’t know
I feel so tired now
I’ll stay behind

Improbably your eyes / just shifted
Questions and replies / repeated
The way I try to reach you doesn’t work

Uniform and flags /oh really
Fatherlands of myth / or mother’s
Can we find a way out of this place

Slogans and refrains / enough now
Mine is not your fear / or rather
this is just a land of make believe

Beware of fascists joe
You need more love
Beware of money joe
Your freedom counts

Repeating will improve /your chances
That’s behind your talk / I gather
no , i’m not so sure it will ever work

Are you thinking freely /joe
Are your thoughts coherent / joe
Just please stop refraining a go-go

My sentiments for you / are tensing
Uneasiness with you / more common
But i would like to find your now lost love

You need more love joe
So give more love
And keep your freedom joe
Your freedom joe

sergio contrino
It was night
Very late
When i saw you coming through the door
I don’t know
To this day
What’s the meaning of it all

You stood by
Looking tired
Dusty pages slipping through your hands
No one spoke
No one moved
And we thought of better days

When we were young handsome and souple
When our hands trembled without shame
And our eyes sparkled with delight
When all we could lose was ourselves

I suppose
You would say
Our problems seem a bit too small
Why delay
Should we go
And believe in a new dawn

Yes it’s strange
How it goes
How the time could leave us without choice
I can see
In your eyes
The desire of turning back

When we were young …..
Ellie Warr and sergio contrino
See, we’ve danced a while
You’ve made me smile
But now it seems we’re out of step
We’ll change
It’s not so strange to lose the time we’ve kept

What has become of Sally
She’s been away sometime
I thought about it lately
You don’t know where to stand

True, I’ve never known
someone could
Match my step like you
You turn
Is this a move to get you through?

Sally believes in progress
She feels it makes her calm
We found she likes the motion
Standing apart we stand